Automatic Rain Gauge Project for Qatar Meteorology

  • Automatic raingauge project for Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD)
  • Bayanat Engineering Qatar LLC project lead - an organisation that provides world class civil and military airport and aviation solutions.
  • 50 x TB6/0.1mm tipping bucket raingauges
  • 50 x iRIS 270 dataloggers
  • Raintrak type turnkey solution deployed
  • Data is FTP from iRIS 270 dataloggers at 10 minute intervals to QMD data centre and displayed on application software
  • TB6 and iRIS 270: a product of HyQuest Solutions
iRIS 270

iRIS 270 Wireless IP-Capable Datalogger

Variants available
The iRIS 270 is the perfect marriage of the proven iRIS design legacy with a future-proof architecture. It is compact, cost effective,…
TB6 Series II

TB6 Series II Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Variants available
HyQuest Solutions’ TB6 Series II is a high-quality tipping bucket rain gauge for measuring rainfall in urban and rural locations. The TB6 is…
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