End-to-end solutions

Integrated hardware/software solutions

  • KISTERS Group : environmental monitoring specialists in hardware and software
  • Integration of Group solutions with 3rd party products
  • Custom solution adapted to the customer needs
  • From data acquisition to trusted information to decision-making
  • Sensor/logger interfaces: voltage, current, pulse/contact, serial, SDI-12, I/O
  • Software API: Web services,  HTTP, file exchange, FTP/sFTP, …
  • Linking the physical environment to various data consumers

Integrated Monitoring Stations

iBOX – Custom-Designed Multi-Purpose Monitoring Station

An iBOX is the core of an hydrometeorological monitoring station. It combines data acquisition, data transmission and power management in a…
KISTERS datasphere Sensor

KISTERSdatasphere Sensor

Manage data from your IoT networksWith easy monitoring and real-time notifications from your complete network you can be sure that you always…
iRIS 270

iRIS 270 Wireless IP-Capable Datalogger

Variants available
The iRIS 270 is the perfect marriage of the proven iRIS design legacy with a future-proof architecture. It is compact, cost effective,…
iRIS Undercover

iRIS Undercover Compact Wireless IP-Datalogger

Variants available
The IP datalogger iRIS Under Cover has been designed and constructed for use in harsh outdoor and industrial environments. It is compact, cost…
iRIS 350FX

iRIS 350FX IP multi-channel Datalogger

Variants available
HyQuest Solutions’ IP datalogger iRIS 350FX has been designed and constructed for use in harsh outdoor and industrial environments. It is…
TB4 Series II

TB4 Series II Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Variants available
HyQuest Solutions’ TB4 Series II is a high-quality tipping bucket rain gauge for measuring rainfall in urban and rural locations. Due to the…


HyQuest Solutions RainTrak is a proven product line offering a fully autonomous and integrated All-In-One Rain Gauging and Reporting Station.…
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