Brexit Statement

Preparations for Brexit 

We know some of our customers and suppliers have questions about the impact of Brexit. Once it was identified that the UK would be leaving the EU, KISTERS took steps to ensure business continuity and manage the many changes expected by the impact of Brexit in setting up a UK office 3 years ago. As a global company we already supply goods and services to customers around the world and will adapt as necessary in this case. Our Brexit preparations have the highest priority and are overseen by our Board of Directors.

Software Solutions 

The delivery and support of our software solutions – which are currently in place across the UK, EU and other parts of the world will remain unaffected by the Brexit. 

Goods manufactured / Regulations  

The current directives and standards governing KISTERS’ products and services will still apply. KISTERS’ products currently have the CE mark. However, we are looking to additionally adjust this to include the new UK standard once it is put into place. This means that our products remain at the highest standards.

The key actions that we have taken and are continually reviewing are: 

  • We have reviewed the levels of stock required to meet short term customer demand 
  • We are in close liaison with our suppliers to minimize the impact of Brexit 
  • We are in contact with freight forwarders to ensure that we can mitigate the risk of customs delays 
  • We are reviewing any changes required in paperwork for export and duty costs, and recognize that additional administration effort may be required initially 
  • We are encouraging our customers to review their requirements and ensure orders are placed ahead of normal timing to protect against delays 
  • We are reviewing our terms and conditions of business to ensure that they remain ap-propriate 
  • We are considering the general principles of data movement to ensure that we are compliant 
  • We are considering the financial impact of Brexit, including increased duty and tariffs, increased cost of freight and customs administration and are looking at ways to mitigate this to ensure minimal impact on our customers 
  • We have developed a close tie with a UK based sensor installer which helps to maintain a smooth installation process. 

We continue to monitor the UK government advice closely and change our approaches where advised. We will be happy to speak to you regarding any queries you may have regarding this statement.

Klaus Kisters                                                                                   Hanns Kisters

CEO                                                                                                  COO