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HyQuest Solutions Europe is the KISTERS brand of precision instruments and data loggers for hydrological, meteorological and air quality monitoring for precipitation measurement, water level measurement, water flow measurement, and data acquisition.

HyQuest Solutions has more than 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, selling, installing and operating instruments and data acquisition systems.

The European market is serviced by KISTERS AG, the headquarters of the KISTERS Group of Companies and parent company of HyQuest Solutions (HS), located in Aachen/Germany. KISTERS acts as a stockholding importer of HyQuest Solutions instruments and data loggers for the European market. KISTERS sells through local re-sellers (applications from companies who want to act as re-sellers are welcome) or directly into territories not serviced by registered re-sellers.

HyQuest Solutions Australia and New Zealand are KISTERS Group Members. KISTERS is a renowned manufacturer of data management software solutions for hydrological, meteorological, air quality, environmental and energy data management.

HyQuest Solutions and KISTERS are individually accredited with ISO9001 Quality Certification.

HyQuest Solutions Europe
Pascalstr. 8+10
52076 Aachen

Phone +49 2408 9385 0
Fax     +49 2408 9385 555