The history of HyQuest Solutions

  • 2020: HyQuest Solutions re-inforces its market presence world wide and adds two new hubs in Latin America, North America bringing the total number of worldwide hubs to 5
  • 2016: KISTERS Group companies start worldwide commercialization of monitoring products under the brand name HyQuest Solutions
  • 2016: Renaming of iQuest Ltd as HyQuest Solutions (NZ) Ltd and renaming of Hydrological Services Ltd as HyQuest Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia
  • 2015: Hydrological Services Ltd acquired by KISTERS and integrated into the KISTERS Group. By means of this acquisition, the KISTERS Group expands its portfolio by hardware for hydrometeorological monitoring (sensors systems, accessories)
  • 2015: Acquisition of the Australian company Hydrological Services Ltd and expansion of the portfolio by hardware for environmental monitoring (sensors, measurement equipment, accessories)
  • 2005: iQUest (NZ) Ltd. acquired by and integrated into the KISTERS Group
  • 1989: iQuest (NZ) Ltd. started with the objective of developing and manufacturing and selling data loggers and offers solutions for Cellular, IP addressable, FTP and Satellite data transmission
  • 1968: Hydrological Services Australia started with the objective of developing, manufacturing and selling professional hydrometeorological instrumentation