Measuring water level with HS40: Low maintenance, long-lasting and reliable

With the HS40 series, HyQuest Solutions offers an integrated system for water level measurement in dams, rivers, canals and tanks with a water head of up to 40 m H2O. Due to its elaborate and extremely solid construction, the HS40 series II devices are very low-maintenance and can be operated in almost any ambient conditions.

Reliable water level measurement - even at remote measuring points and in harsh conditions

Devices of the HS40 series are characterized by the following features:

  • Continuous measurement with low power consumption - bubbles are generated continuously every few seconds, so fluctuations in the water level are measured promptly.
  • Power supply with 12 VDC allows operation with back-up batteries and solar panel.
  • Low maintenance due to
    • Use of ambient air instead of conventional nitrogen gas bottles
    • Mechanical desiccant-free system for drying the air
  • No electrically conductive connection to the water and thus not susceptible to lightning strikes in the water body

HS40 Series

Common to all devices are the power-saving pumps, the HyQuest control electronics in different installation stages, the built-in compressor, the advanced and tried-and-tested membrane filter dryers, the micro mist separator with an auto purge valve and the parallel data output via 4-20MA current loop and SDI-12 bus.

Depending on the application and budget, users can choose between devices with larger (2l) and smaller (0.75l) compressors, variants of the control electronics and measuring ranges up to 20 m or 40 m water head as well as different operating temperature ranges (-20 °C to + 70 °C or - 40 °C to + 70 °C).

Complementary products and spare parts

For the HS40 single systems, HyQuest Solutions offers suitable supplementary products, such as PE river lines in different lengths, gas chamber orifices for underwater mounting and all spare parts required for maintenance.