New Generation of Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges TB4 and TB6 - Series II

As a result of continued R&D efforts aiming at improving the customer's product experience, HyQuest Solutions now presents a new generation of TB4 and TB6 tipping bucket rain gauges. The re-designed Series II excels with improved, proven and modern technology.


  • Increased life span
  • Even easier handling and better mechanical protection
  • Turn TB4 or TB6 Series II into a self-reporting rain monitor
  • Prepared to accept next generation of buckets

Better yet, HyQuest Solutions TB4 and TB6 Series II sell at the same list price as their older peers – a further benefit for the customer!

Which improvements have been implemented?

Sturdy mechanical bucket protection: The wall protecting the sensitive tipping mechanism is now slightly higher thereby offering increased protection to the most elevated parts of the bucket.

Long-life pivots/bearings: The new Series II models feature field-proven high-quality sapphire pivots. Sapphire is a stone and subsequently free from corrosion. Additionally, sapphires do not show any traces of wear and tear from bucket tips. This further extends the lifespan of the TB4 and the TB6 Series II.

More spacious enclosure: The new more spacious enclosure makes life for service technicians easier when working on devices in the field. Furthermore, the new enclosure provides ample room to host the HyQuest Solutions iRIS Undercover IP data logger (see right) as a component of our RainTrak solution. This option turns a TB4 or TB6 Series II into an autonomous self-reporting rain monitoring station designed for harsh environments. The RainTrak unit consists of a 12 VDC SLA battery, solar panel and antenna to enable wireless communication.

Anything in the Pipeline?

Definitely YES! HyQuest Solutions is happy to pre-announce the next generation of rain gauge buckets: Teflon impregnated polymer buckets (for gauges with 0.01“, 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm and 0.5 mm resolution). The new material has minimal surface tension to allow water to drain away without any residue. Additionally, it supports easy cleaning of internal bucket surfaces. (Availability to be announced.)