How did we make the world's most innovative all weather gauge even better?


The new PreciBal App is changing the way we measure rain, drizzle, hail and snow with a suite of innovative, easy to use features that put the power of the PreciBal Total Precipitation Sensor right in the palm of your hand

Since the much anticipated launch of the PreciBal weighing gauge in June of 2020, our software development team have been focused on creating a brand new feature rich app specifically designed for the PreciBal, enabling streamlined set-up, real time diagnostics and the performance of service tasks all right from within the cable required!

Fire up the PreciBal App and get immediate confirmation that your total precipitation gauge is fully operational in real time. Bluetooth enabled, the PreciBal app really shines when you find yourself working outdoors in challenging weather conditions. There's no need to plug in cables or reach up poles to remove the enclosure. You can even leave your gloves on!

View your latest data including the last 15 data values...even see a graph of how the values have changed over time.

View changes in weight and temperature

Access logged files right from within the app. Easily forward by email to colleagues.

Simple, tiled view - each click takes you deeper within that specific feature. Get the data you need based on the specific parameters most critical for your application.

*The App works on all Android Tablets and Smart Phones. 

I'm excited about the launch of our new PreciBal app. Personally, apps just make my life so much easier! This new app is modern, intuitive with an easy learning curve! When you find yourself outdoors in less than optimal weather conditions, this is when you'll be glad you downloaded the app! The convenience of being able to easily check gauge operation, view your latest data and access and email log files without needing a cable is sure to make your life easier...and right now we could all use a little of that.

Peter Ward
Hydrological Services America