Amergraph Cable

This cable is commonly used for stream gauging. It is a double purpose cable which is specially constructed to permit the suspension in the stream of the current meter and heavy Columbus weights, and at the same time provide a medium through which the meter signals are carried to a counting device.
The Amergraph Cable consists of an insulated inner core of 6 copper and 6 stainless steel wires wound to the left, whilst the outer strands consist of 15 galvanised wires wound to the right. Alternatively a single galvanised wire tape cable can be used for
supporting the weight and meter and acting as a return wire whilst an additional external bell type wire is then required as the other leg of the circuit.


The Amergraph Cable is especially suitable for

  • Suspending the current meter and Columbus pattern weight in the stream
  • Providing a medium to conduct current meter signals to a current meter revolution counter



Inner core

  • 6 copper and 6 stainless steel wires, insultate

Outer strands

  • 15 galvanised wires

Breaking Strain

  • 2.5 mm diameter: 3 kN
  • 3.2 mm diameter: 5 kN