Current Meter

HyQuest Solutions’ Redback is a cup-type current meter for the measurement of water flow in open and closed waters to a fine degree of accuracy and repeatability. This is due to its advanced contact switching system and interchangeable bucket system that provides trouble free operation.


The Redback is made to be used in the most extreme environments and ensures reliable  field service for many years.


The current meter is supplied in a user-friendly kit, allowing the operator to measure water flow using a simple traditional method.



The advanced contact switching system of the Redback allows the measurement of water flow in streams, open canals, pipes, and seas to a fine degree of accuracy and repeatability.



  • Robust construction 
  • Interchangeable buckets in case of damage 
  • High accuracy (+/-1 %) 
  • Advanced contact switching system 
  • Minimum starting velocity 0.025 m/s 
  • Maximum velocity 8.0 m/s 
  • Durable tungsten tip pivot and bearing assembly for long lasting replicated motion 
  • Velocity displayed directly with HyQuest Solutions’ counters CMC20A, CMCSp, PVD100, PVD200 or HTB01/ CMCbt HydroTab Stream Gauging Computer (see flipside)
  • Construction 

    • Cast brass body, nickel plated 
    • 6 durable glass filled nylon buckets 
    • Stainless steel bucket wheel frame 
    • Stainless steel pivot with tungsten carbide tip

    Operating Velocity Range

    • 0.025 m/sec to 8 m/sec

    Reed Switch

    • Encapsulated reed switch

    Output Signal 

    • Voltage free digital signal 
    • 1 full revolution of bucket assembly produces one pulse 
    • Converted to direct velocity reading when used in conjunction with HyQuest Solutions’ PVD100, CMCsp or PVD200 (see below)

    Overall Accuracy

    • +/-1 %

    Calibration and Calibration Method 

    • Meter supplied with batch calibration certificate 
    • Individual meter calibration available on request (additional costs):
      • Calibration in accordance with AS3778.6.3/ISO 3455 standard
      • Up to 3 line fit - Supplied with calibration and a rating table
      • Calibrated over full velocity range

    Carry Case

    • Heavy duty case with durable moulded foam

    Basic Kit (scope of delivery)

    • Bucket meter, screw driver, 2.5 m connecting lead, calibration certificate and table, 30 ml of current meter oil

    Dimensions and Mass

    • 500 x 390 x 190 mm; 5 k

Current Meter Counters (various models):

Features: waterproof enclosures, simple button controlled menus, embedded LCDs and beepers to make counts audible. Improved accuracy due to signal conditioning. Bluetooth interfaces for use with HydroTab Stream Gauging Computer available.

Gauging Weights (Columbus model):

Protects current meter against heavy debris damage, streamlined shape reduces resistance to flowing water.

HydroTab Stream Gauging Computer:

Assembly of HydroTab software and a tablet suitable for harsh and wet environments. Used for direct water velocity measurements, or collecting, calculating, displaying and emailing full river gauging data.

Wading Rods:

HyQuest Solutions’ range of top setting wading rods were developed to simplify the task of carrying out
gauging in small streams. We are happy to provide help in choosing the proper rod depending on your application and Equipment.

Winches (WS250, WS400, WS500):

Hand-operated single drum winches capable of handling Colombus gauging weights up to 70 kg using the four wheel bridge crane 4WBC. The winches are designed for ease of operation in the field: compact, portable, light-weight, and handled easily and safely by one person.

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