Top Set Wading Rod Model MAGNA

The HyQuest Solutions MagnaRod takes  all  the  headaches  out  of  Current  Meter  gauging.  It  is  available  in  two  models as follows:

  • MagnaRod Model MAG/D: measures and displays Sounding/ Depth of Observation only
  • MagnaRod Model MAG/CMC: measures  and  displays  Sounding/Depth of Observation and current meter revolutions and computed point velocity

After  selecting  “Bed”  then  “Surface” the  sounding  is  displayed  along  with the depth of observation. Then with the press of a button it converts to a Current Meter Counter with much of the functionality of our existing CMCSp  and  PVD100  counters  with  Bluetooth  wireless interface to suitable external devices with compatible software.  
‘Point’  velocity  can  be  displayed  from almost any mechanically rotating current meter.  A  feature  of  the  device  is  its  ability to "clean" the signal and interface directly  to  a  compatible  PDA,  PocketPC,  or other  computing  device  and  provide serial data that can be used by the external device to compute discharge.

Main Features:

  • LCD (with back lighting) to display sounding and depth of observation
  • Easy to read ruler on rod
  • Push button selection for either IMPERIAL or METRIC measurement
  • Keypad mount (Optional) to suit FlowTracker ADCP
  • Electronics housed in IP66 water-proof enclosure
  • Displays current meter counts (selection of timing intervals from 10 to 90 seconds)
  • Computes and displays point velocity reading (maximum of six current meter fans with up to three fan equations per fan)
  • Suits current meters fitted with magnetic reed switch or cat’s whisker type contacts
  • In-built current meter signal processing feature to verify current meter signal and detect any 'shorts' in connections
  • NORMAL (>0.25ft/sec or 0.08m/sec) and SLOW (<0.25ft/sec or 0.08m/sec) speed operation
  • Spin test feature
  • Dwell test feature
  • Integrated Bluetooth interface (Spec V1.1) for suitable external devices with compatible software
  • Compatible with AquaCalc software
  • Powered by 3 x type 'AA" alkaline batteries
  • Low Powered, under continuous operation, (43hrs use backlight ON; 233hrs use backlight OFF)
  • Durable and light-weight aluminium and stainless steel construction
  •  Body: Robust Construction that consists of anodised aluminium rods, impact resistant UV stabilised Acetal plastic components, stainless steel current meter mounting adaptors, stainless steel fasteners and brass electronic connectors.
  • Level: ‘Bulls Eye’ bubble level located on handle
  • Rod Length Metric (1.2 m) or Imperial (4 ft) - other sizes are available on request.
  • Depth Measurement Magnetic strip read by a linear encoder (Metric or Imperial), Aluminium graduated ruler used as a reference
  • Adaptor: Different adaptors are available for different type of current meters (OSSPC1, RedBack RB1 /Price AA Bucket Meters and SonTek FlowTracker)
  • Keypad Mount Suitable for Sontek FlowTracker (Optional)
  • Packing: Canvas carry bag
  • Dimension: 1600x300x140mm (5.3’x 1’ x 0.5’)
  • Weight: 3Kgs [ For 1.2m & 4ft]