HS30V Model 'Trident' Water Level Sensing System

The Trident model HS30V is Hyquest Solutions latest innovation, when used in conjunction with the GCO1, the HS30V forms a complete Hydrostatic Level Sensor for measuring water level in dams, rivers, canals and tanks with up to 40 mH2O (131 ft). The unit has an in-built pressure transducer which allows the measurement of water to an accuracy of ±0.02% F.S.
The HS30V differs from other bubbler systems, with its ability to purge any moisture in the mist separator out to atmosphere at the end of each pumping cycle. Hence, minimal maintenance is required, longer operational life and higher accuracy in measurement.

Main Features:

  • Bubbler level sensor
  • ‘Ultra’ low power consumption, (22.4mA avg—lake), (40mA avg–1m (3.3ft) tidal)
  • Maximum water head 40m (131 ft)
  • In-built pressure transducer
  • In-built air compressor and dryer system
  • Must me used in conjunction with the Gas Chamber Orifice Model GCO1 (supplied standard with each unit).
  • Maintenance free for up to 2 years depending on site condition
  • Up to 200 metres river line length
  • Dimensions: enclosure 420 x 340 x 200 mm
  • Operating Temperature Range -20oC to +70oC
  • Operating Voltage 12V DC Nominal, battery cut out 10 VDC and Battery recovery 12 VDC
  • Recommended Battery
    • 12V DC (38Ah) Sealed acid battery will provide approx. 40 days continuous operation (no solar)
    • 12V DC (26Ah) Sealed acid battery will provide approx. 30 days continuous operation (no solar)
  • Operation up to 40m (131ft) of head (water pressure) with 200 meters (600ft) of river line
  • Purge Operation
    • Compressor Current: 15.5 Amps for 5 secs Solenoid
    • Current: 0.6 Amps for 30 secs
    • Electronics Quiescent: 8.5 mA (HS30) +5.0mA(WL3100)
  • Purge Sequence
    • 5Secs Compressor "ON"
    • 25 Secs- Solenoid valve remains "OFF"
    • Once every 3 hours (fixed) and when water increases by 100mm (4 inches) or manual purge
  • Dryer consist of single mist separator with auto purge valve
  • Weight 17Kg (37 lbs)