Standard Orifice Fitting

The HyQuest Solutions standard orifice is designed to work with HS23A dry bubble unit. The BU07 permits the use of bubble rates at approx 27 bubble per minutes. The standard orifices consist of a brass body that sits freely in a polyethylene cap with 2“ GWI standard thread and can be easily screwed to the end of the 2“ GWI standard pipe. The orifice body is made of copper to reduce aquatic growth and keeps the bubble flow constant at the rate required.

Main Features

  • Robust construction
  • Non corrosive material
  • Easy Installation



  • Material
    • Cap polyethylene
    • Body copper
    • 2“ GWI female thread
    • Plastic Ferrule
    • Stainless Steel Fitting
  • Copper body to reduce aquatic growth
  • Average Bubble rate 24 bubbles/min
  • Dimensions Dia 80mm x 55mm
  • Weight 200g