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11 August 2020

1. ML1 MiniLog

The MiniLog Model ML1A -FL is a Digital Data Logger, suitable for short term or long term remote data logging applications. It can measure…
29 July 2020

2. LVQ-15 / LVQ-35 Non-Contact Discharge Radar Sensor

HyQuest Solutions’ LVQ-15 and LVQ-35 are sensors for continuous discharge measurement of rivers, open channels and canals with known…
29 July 2020

3. Hornet Cableway Systems

HyQuest Solutions’ cableway system Hornet Plus has been developed to perform stream discharge measurements from fixed cableways.
29 July 2020

4. iRIS Undercover Compact Wireless IP-Datalogger

The IP datalogger iRIS Under Cover has been designed and constructed for use in harsh outdoor and industrial environments. It is compact,…
29 July 2020

5. iRIS 270 Wireless IP-Capable Datalogger

The iRIS 270 is the perfect marriage of the proven iRIS design legacy with a future-proof architecture. It is compact, cost effective,…
28 July 2020

6. HailSens Hail Monitoring System

Automatic Sensing and Classification of Hail
HailSens is an advanced sensor system for monitoring hail events in real-time. The…
27 July 2020

7. DH59 Depth Integrating Sediment Sampler (Suspended Type)

DH59 is an easy-to-use medium-weight suspended sediment sampler.
The sampler consists of an epoxy coated, streamlined bronze…
20 July 2020

8. HS40AFC/3100 Compact

Based on the proven constant bubble methodology of its predecessors (and significantly smaller in size and weight), the HS40 Compact water…
17 July 2020

9. HailSens Calibration and Certification

HyQuest Solutions provides calibration and certification services for Pressure Sensors. Periodic calibration ensures reliability of…
13 July 2020

11. VHPS-10-SDI12 Vented Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor

HyQuest Solutions’ vented hydrostatic pressure sensor VHPS is a programmable submersible level transmitter for measuring water level and…
13 July 2020

12. SB-01


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