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1. Current Meter Counter PVD100

|   General
OSSB1: The OSSB1 universal current meter is a world recognised instrument for measuring the velocity of water in open and closed channels. Made of high grade 316 stainless steel, it is suitable for...  

2. International Representatives

|   General
International Representatives World Map (Openlayers, IFRAME)  

3. Data Privacy Policy

|   General
Data Privacy Policy Data Privacy Statement 1. An overview of data protection General information The following information will provide you with an easy to navigate overview of what will happen...  

4. New KISTERS Office in Perth / Australia

|   press-releases
16 October 2018: HyQuest Solutions and its parent company KISTERS Group announce the opening of a new office in Perth Western Australia accompanied by an Open Day. This new location in Malaga...  

5. Under Ice Rod

|   General
Extruded corrosive resistance lightweight aluminium 2 m length (four sections of 0.5 m each), extra length available on request Stainless steel joining pin to connect rods Stainless steel...  

6. Cable Fox CFX

|   General
Cable Fox Motor Body Geared motor 320 W Speed drives carriage up to 0.6 m/s (2.00 ft/s) Distance measurement 0.01 m (0.01 ft) resolution Power requirement 12V DC 18Ah battery internal 30A auto...  

7. HS40 Series II Water Level Sensing System

|   General
Polyethylene tubing: River line connecting the pressure outlet with the gas orifice in the water body. Diameter: 1/8“ (inner) * 3/8“ (outer), available in 100 m, 200 m or 300 m rolls. BU07...  

8. Shaft Encoder AD375MA

|   General
AD375MA-SWP: Seawater compatible version of the AD375MA. Case with special display, sealed push-buttons, Mil-Spec plugs, corrosion-resistant IP67. Reinforced stainless steel shaft. Pulley and...  

9. Water Level

|   General
Water Level HyQuest Solutions offers a range of robust and accurate water level sensors with a selection of outputs via RS232, 4-20mA or SDI-12: float operated, absolute shaft encoders such as the...  

10. RainTrak RT-iCE

|   General , Meteorology
Bird Guard: prevents wild or feral birds from perching or roosting and thus increases accuracy by stopping bird faeces from dropping inside the gauge funnel. [More Information] Portable Field...  
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