Introducing the next generation hail sensor – The HailSens IoT

Measure and understand hail of all sizes with more accuracy than ever before.

HyQual: monitoring of water quality

Looking for a multiparameter water quality probe whose sensors, materials, design and construction make it exceptional enough to provide the best available 3-year warranty including sensors?

WeatherSens - Compact All-in-one Weather Stations

Designed for precise and maintenance-free measurements in hydrometeorology and agrimeteorology, environmental monitoring, smart cities, at infrastructures and in the industry.

TB7: Professional Budget-Priced Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

With the TB7, HyQuest Solutions launches a budget-priced tipping bucket rain gauge.

datasphere: online access of monitoring data

Looking for an online environmental monitoring end-2-end solution? Look no further. With sensors, IP data loggers and IoT solutions and a Cloud monitoring data manager, the KISTERS Group joins forces

Precision Instrumentation, Data Loggers, Internet of Things and Environmental Monitoring

HyQuest Solutions manufactures, sells, installs and operates quality instrumentation, data loggers and communication technology. Products are designed with passion for environmental monitoring and with a deep understanding of the quality, accuracy and robustness needed to fullfil the requirements of measurement practitioners in the field.

Our product portfolio may vary depending on the region.

Introducing the next generation hail sensor – The HailSens IoT

Measure and understand hail of all sizes with more accuracy than ever before.

New: Multiparameter probe for water quality

HyQuest Solutions’ multi-parameter water quality probes HyQual 200, HyQual 300 and HyQual 300T are your individual complete solutions in water quality analysis for up to 11 parameters

New: Solution for Agriculture

Find the optimal timing and amount for irrigation by data-driven decisions...

IoTa SensorNode for LoRa and LTE-M applications

The IoTa sensor nodes interconnects sensors with data management software by means of adding modern wireless IoT connectivity to digital sensors.

How did we make the world's most innovative all weather gauge even better?

The PreciBal App is changing the way we measure rain, drizzle, hail and snow with a suite of innovative, easy to use features that put the power of the PreciBal Total Precipitation Sensor right in the palm of the hand

CFX/xxx Cable Fox

CFX Cable Fox

The Cable Fox Model (CFX) is HyQuest Solutions latest towing system for deployment of an ADCP or radar device for manual discharge measurement on a cableway.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor uses luminescence-based optical measurement technology and measures reliably and precisely.