Edgar Wetzel, Chief Innovation Officer Monitoring Products at KISTERS


This webinar aims to introduce our latest developments in data acquisition and telemetry focused on Internet of Things IoT.

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Practical aspects of TriOS solutions with application examples

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Dougal Harding and Joel Murphy, HyQuest Solutions water quality experts in Australia and New Zealand

Webinar on Practical aspects of TriOS solutions with application examples: turnkey solutions, Water applications such as drinking water, wastewater and stormwater, Portable nitrate systems among others.


1. Turnkey solutions

Client: Airport farms
  • iBox with datalogger iRIS 270, with telemetry
  • Nico for nitrates
  • Third-party elements, probe, weather station - HyQuest options also available
  • Cloud data hosting
  • ZebraTech cleaners for cleaning
  • Solar power
Other systems
  • Zespri
Other considerations
  • Sensor mounting
  • Flow options for mass balance calculation

2. Drinking water, wastewater, stormwater

  • Removal of solids and organic substances - Lutra Compass System
  • UVT measurement in drinking water
  • New TriOS TW Master for drinking water turbidity applications
  • Chloramination - an optical measurement alternative
  • Color measurement - Viper
  • Protect your plant from hydrocarbon spills - EnviroFlu or MicroFlu
  • Measurement of nitrate and organics in wastewater
  • DO measurement in wastewater
  • Dissolved H2S measurement in sewage systems

3. Portable nitrate systems

  • Nico sensor
  • TriBox mini
  • Customized carrying case
Sampling options
  • Spot measurements
  • Profiling
  • Groundwater sampling
Future options
  • Measurement of algae and dissolved organic substances
  • Other measurements - DO, pH, turbidity

Basic Operator Training: Telemetry System HydroTel

This event has already taken place.

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Michael Cook, Environmental Management Software Expert, HyQuest Solutions New Zealand


This training session aims to provide operators with a good basic overview of HydroTel, with a focus on the customer application, which is the main user interface of HydroTel.

The session will explain the structure of HydroTel. A series of slides will show the most commonly used customer forms. We will give a live demonstration of a real customer and examples of how to perform common tasks, including the creation and configuration of new items, will be included.

This is an ideal opportunity to learn about this hydro-meteorological station management software from HydroTel expert Michael Cook, either for existing customers to answer questions or for potential customers to get to know it.

At the end we will answer questions.

We hope you can join us!

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